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4 track EP (2x electro + 2x ambient) Concipated as a short travelling companion for a whole generation of girls (’79?) who don the attitude “Phuket” and erase their concepts of their lives completely, opting for a time out of mind in the south pacific. Here’s to you, ladies!! [prost!]

Originally released in November 2007, this 6i Musik exclusive is now available for the first time in 320 kbps quality and re-packaged with new iThing friendly artwork by Andrea Patterson Hall.

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djLapCore: Free Minimal DownLOUD. 63 min DJ Mix: Minimal at it’s finest. Hot tracks for hot days, ICH WILL MIT EUCH GEHEN! the missing recording from the Salzgrube Studio now for the first time available at
DJ Promo mix: not for resale or broadcast.
Get in touch with us, we love to hear your feedback!

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A rare live recording of a fully improvised live laptop set, this 20 minute gem exemplifies the live laptop style LapCore brought to prominence in the oughties. Live BreakCore direct from May First, 2005. MayDay!


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First time: frEE downLOUD: LapCore Remixes Marvin Gaye and Prince. Get the official 320kbps mp3s exclusively at “Sexy Dancer” and “Aint No Mountain High Enough,” the highlights of Elektro-Bunnyland now for the first time ready to downLOUD.

Censored by FaceBook in September 2007, Elektro-Bunnyland is the djLapCore TOP DOWNLOUD of all time. Now for the first time, both EXCLUSIVE LapCore Re-Mixes from EBL are available: Marvin Gaye’s “Aint No Mountain High Enough” and Prince’s “Sexy Dancer.” No DJ should be without these essentials.


proceed to downLOUD by clicking the album artwork or here: BNYLND-RMXs


( ( ( ( ( 4 x electro + 1 x MINIMAL ) ) ) ) )
ALL NEW, Exclusive online release. 100% free downLOUD. LeckMich: every DJ needs this track! PINK_BOX explores electro sounds to depths uncharted by ordinary producers. 320kbps quality 6i Musik Exclusive: 5 LapCore originals unlike anything you have experienced ever.

Like an over-saturated recurring dream:
Impossible to forget,
not feasibly describable.

Feed your iPod quality foodstuffs. 100% 320kbps organic mp3 files.

HOME GROWN Computer Music.

100% free downLOUD.


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(((4 x Ambient + 1 x BREAKcore)))
We have hand-picked the best LapCore Ambient works from SoftWired and RE-RELEASED them here at FREE DOWNLOUD. A Classic blast back to 2004, when LapCore was in transition FROM Görly (Studio36) to Falckenstein Studio (BlueRoom) and hosted the SoftWired release…
…2k10 time…

Feed Your iPod quality food.

Accept no less.

Computer Music.

Dont imagine the future,

join us,

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The High Water Mark of the Salzgrube Studio,
“Ought Eight” represents the zenith of LapCore’s production style for the Naughty Oughties.
Appropriately these are great tracks to get naughty to.
Four tracks in 320 bit resolution, ready to rock your party or slam your earbuds.

Feed your iPod quality food.

Accept nothing less.

Free DownLOUD.

Minimal Computer Musik.


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[ [ FRee DownLOUD ] ]
6i Musik and eTHERbiTS proudly announce
a new djLapCore exclusive single:

are you one of th3m?
…A beatles song…
George Harrison wrote it,
Thurston Moore sang it,
djLapCore mashed it.
*YOU* downloud it.


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In September 2008 Kent was invited by Javier Duero to present his work with for a workshop at the MediaLab Prado in Madrid. The workshop was called ‘AVLab 1.0’ In conjunction with this event LapCore performed a short Live Laptop set for Live Broadcast on Spanish national radio (an RNE show called Fluido Rosa). This short (20 minute) set is now available to downloud for free here at

Thank you very much for your support, and please leave us comments! We would love to hear what you have to say. Thank you, and enjoy the tunes!


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Live recording direct from the house mains from 15th of November 2002 in Bremerhaven, Germany. This concert was a part of the Unerhört Musik Series (Unheard Music) for New Music in Bremerhaven.

Unerhoert 52: Machine Music

Die Idee einer Maschinenmusik -musica ex machina – ist knapp 100 Jahre alt. Der italienische Schriftsteller Filippo Tommaso Marinetti gelangt 1909 durch die Veröffentlichung des Manifests des FUTURISMUS zu Berühmtheit. Im Mittelpunkt der revolutionär neuen Ästhetik des Futurismus stand, die Verherrlichung der modernen Industrie- Maschinenwelt und der radikale Bruch mit der Tradition. Sein Einfluss macht sich als erstes in der Literatur bemerkbar, deren Syntax, Zeichensetzung und Typographie er mit der Einführung des Konzepts des “freien Wortes” (parola libera) revolutioniert. Aber auch in der bildenden Kunst, im Theater, im Tanz und in der Musik bewirkt er tiefgreifende Veränderungen.


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