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(((4 x Ambient + 1 x BREAKcore)))
We have hand-picked the best LapCore Ambient works from SoftWired and RE-RELEASED them here at LapCore.org. FREE DOWNLOUD. A Classic blast back to 2004, when LapCore was in transition FROM Görly (Studio36) to Falckenstein Studio (BlueRoom) and u6i.de hosted the SoftWired release…
…2k10 time…

Feed Your iPod quality food.

Accept no less.

Computer Music.

Dont imagine the future,

join us,

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The High Water Mark of the Salzgrube Studio,
“Ought Eight” represents the zenith of LapCore’s production style for the Naughty Oughties.
Appropriately these are great tracks to get naughty to.
Four tracks in 320 bit resolution, ready to rock your party or slam your earbuds.

Feed your iPod quality food.

Accept nothing less.

Free DownLOUD.

Minimal Computer Musik.


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[ [ FRee DownLOUD ] ]
6i Musik and eTHERbiTS proudly announce
a new djLapCore exclusive single:

are you one of th3m?
…A beatles song…
George Harrison wrote it,
Thurston Moore sang it,
djLapCore mashed it.
*YOU* downloud it.


proceed to downloud page, click the album artwork or here: djLapCore: CyborgWithinYou


Originally released in 2002 on 33 1/3 RPM vinyl, LapCore vol 1 is now once again available in mp3 format. feed your iPod quality food.

SPECIAL BONUS: Remixes by Akira Rabelais and Baradelan

The following is a babelfish translation of a German language review in DE:BUG magazine:
(review date: October 1, 2002 by BLEED) This computer-generated English translation is absolutely hilarious. Bleed’s original review was hardly this funny…

Ooops which is that? Tingeltangeltechno with computer insanity on 99
revolutions per minute? The first TRACK “NoseBleed” rockt with full 160bpm in
an effusive Technosound of full Kleinstgeklimper, “Pneumonic” trembles in dry
sounds in similar speed with constantly threatened rhythm of flickering
euphoria, which develops somewhat aimlessly davonsegelt and then slowly its
own Groove. (on the web page there is a Akira Rabelais Remix of the TRACK).
Back begins with somewhat scooped out hymnischen TRACKS little of it reminded
that Kent, from which the TRACKS all come seems to produce somehow from an
off, which is committed to a certain kind of Sequentialitaet, which one finds
also among other things with Philippe Cam but in addition then also gladly
times soetwas like a guitar-solo puts. When conclusion a Breakiger TRACK the
sound kurzhalligen in same drying is held, which lets the EP work a little


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