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ALL NEW 4-PACK OF MINIMAL TECHNO, LapCore’s Verschallert. This hard hitting psych inducing full throttle exclamation point of a scrape into the mindset of musical digerati LapCore will make you wink to look straight, sit up to slouch, and cock your ears with anticipation of the next asymmetric drop of the touchpad. Take the needle off the record and reset your drive-heads because there is no solid state, you’ve been VERSCHALLERT.

100% free homegrown organic biologically safe, genetically mutated and starch free.
independent music needs your support,
so downLOUD now,

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All NEW minimal 4-pack, 100% free downLOUD mp3’s: LapCore’s new EP, ‘Blueberry’ is now available for the first time. With hypnotic envelopes of rhythmia, pattern distortion, acyclic motion, and steady-as-stone foundation, the Blueberry tracks will elevate you to new heights of techno awareness.

Produced in tight collaboration with Chris Meidinger in the Salzgrube Studios, these innovative tracks represent the time between the spaces or the holes between the cubes or the air between the blueberries.
Many sunrises.
Fewer sunsets.
Endless shades of distortion and pattern arrhythmia.
0xC0FFEE always free mp3’s under Creative Commons non-commercial license.
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A MINIMAL Four-pack of epic proportions, LapCore is proud to present WoundUP in 320kbps goodness. 100% free (GRATIS) downLOUD, we now offer you the most popular LapCore tracks of the Oughties.

Twisting melodies, polyrythmic counterpoint, choirs of aliens, cyborg tanzbeine, and slushy synths come together to provide you with the most hard-hitting techno tracks the MINIMAL genre has yet to experience. Bump up the downLOUD and get your socks on to get your rocks off. Resistance is futile.

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djLapCore: Free Minimal DownLOUD. 63 min DJ Mix: Minimal at it’s finest. Hot tracks for hot days, ICH WILL MIT EUCH GEHEN! the missing recording from the Salzgrube Studio now for the first time available at
DJ Promo mix: not for resale or broadcast.
Get in touch with us, we love to hear your feedback!

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( ( ( ( ( 4 x electro + 1 x MINIMAL ) ) ) ) )
ALL NEW, Exclusive online release. 100% free downLOUD. LeckMich: every DJ needs this track! PINK_BOX explores electro sounds to depths uncharted by ordinary producers. 320kbps quality 6i Musik Exclusive: 5 LapCore originals unlike anything you have experienced ever.

Like an over-saturated recurring dream:
Impossible to forget,
not feasibly describable.

Feed your iPod quality foodstuffs. 100% 320kbps organic mp3 files.

HOME GROWN Computer Music.

100% free downLOUD.


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The High Water Mark of the Salzgrube Studio,
“Ought Eight” represents the zenith of LapCore’s production style for the Naughty Oughties.
Appropriately these are great tracks to get naughty to.
Four tracks in 320 bit resolution, ready to rock your party or slam your earbuds.

Feed your iPod quality food.

Accept nothing less.

Free DownLOUD.

Minimal Computer Musik.


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In September 2008 Kent was invited by Javier Duero to present his work with for a workshop at the MediaLab Prado in Madrid. The workshop was called ‘AVLab 1.0’ In conjunction with this event LapCore performed a short Live Laptop set for Live Broadcast on Spanish national radio (an RNE show called Fluido Rosa). This short (20 minute) set is now available to downloud for free here at

Thank you very much for your support, and please leave us comments! We would love to hear what you have to say. Thank you, and enjoy the tunes!


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djLapCore has been re-launched!

In 2006 LapCore started the >>>>6i Musik<<<< PodKast. A majority of the musik released on the PodKast were DJ promo mixes. djLapCore recorded more than 10 promos in toto, and pushed 9 of them out to the world in the PodKast. NOW, for the first time since 2008 they are once again available: FREE MP3's to DOWNLOUD. click the image to visit the new djLapCore site. over 10 hours of music (mp3's) to DOWNLOUD FOR FREE! |K< proceed to djLapCore page, click the artwork or here: djLapCore