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100% FREE downLOUD: 320 kbps stereo re-release of a LapCore live set from ’02. Miles Davis remixed live on stage, cEvin Key ghost drumming, Reaktor from the dongle daze, and classic Spektral Delay jams to boot. There was serious booty shaken in the cave that Valentine’s Day!

Recorded live on location at the Gallery Camen de la Guerra in Madrid for a mahem of epic proportions: after Arco ’02. Organized (as all proper parties in Madrid inevitably are) by Duero, the only thing missing was… you.

But now you can download the recording for free, so get on it: feed your iThing proper high quality iFood. Organic, home-grown mp3 pleasures await you.

proceed to downLOUD page click: Madrid02 or click album artwork.



FOUR NEW UN-HEARD TRACKS FROM LAPCORE. 100% free downLOUD. Three Ambient and one Bit-HOP track round off this strong September ’10 6i Exclusive. Computer Musik direct from the artist to you.

Heralding to as far back as 1999, these seminal arrangements pushed early FreQ Labs software developments to their limits. Early Native Instruments patches combined with spektral processing which would dominate the Oughties. Now available in 320kbps mp3 format FREE for your enjoyment.

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Live recording direct from the house mains from 15th of November 2002 in Bremerhaven, Germany. This concert was a part of the Unerhört Musik Series (Unheard Music) for New Music in Bremerhaven.

Unerhoert 52: Machine Music

Die Idee einer Maschinenmusik -musica ex machina – ist knapp 100 Jahre alt. Der italienische Schriftsteller Filippo Tommaso Marinetti gelangt 1909 durch die Veröffentlichung des Manifests des FUTURISMUS zu Berühmtheit. Im Mittelpunkt der revolutionär neuen Ästhetik des Futurismus stand, die Verherrlichung der modernen Industrie- Maschinenwelt und der radikale Bruch mit der Tradition. Sein Einfluss macht sich als erstes in der Literatur bemerkbar, deren Syntax, Zeichensetzung und Typographie er mit der Einführung des Konzepts des “freien Wortes” (parola libera) revolutioniert. Aber auch in der bildenden Kunst, im Theater, im Tanz und in der Musik bewirkt er tiefgreifende Veränderungen.


proceed to downloud page, click the album artwork or here: rEtRO fUtURA